Cisco License Activation

This new system will start becoming a bother when upgrading from IP Base to another feature license. This will require the following steps:

  1. The order of a Product Authorization Key (PAK) from Cisco
  2. The Unique Device Identifier (UDI) from the Router/Switch
  3. Entered this information into the Cisco Licensing Portal
  4. Taking the information from the Portal and installing the license onto the Switch/Router

The installation of the license file can be done using the *.lic file that you receive from the Portal using the Command line interface or the Cisco License Manager software. Using the command line:

Switch#license install tftp://x.x.x.x/license.lic

Alternatively one can use the call-home feature and the PAK Number, this however would mean that you have an internet connection to the Router/Switch and you feel comfortable that you won’t have the *.lic file when things go wrong as the Switch/Router installs this directly from the License Portal:

Switch#license call-home install PAK PAK-NUMBER
CCO Username: abcdef
CCO Password:
Follow the prompts to install the license


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